Our Guiding Principals

1) Maintain the highest integrity in everything we do,

2) Succeed by partnering with our clients,

3) Deliver clearly superior results for our clients

Domain Expertise

Our partners have represented veterinary practice owners on over $850 million of strategic practice transitions over the past 7 years. Their strict adherence to the highest standards of integrity, along with their meticulous focus on preparation and process optimization, have enabled their clients — in every transaction on which they have advised — to not only successfully close the transaction, but to do so at the highest valuation multiple to date in the industry. In all cases, their clients’ most optimistic expectations have been exceeded, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Leading, Comprehensive Service Model

We offer our clients expert, objective advice throughout the entire practice transition process:

Preparation---------> Marketing -------------> LOI Evaluation ------------> Post-LOI Diligence ----------->Closing ------------>Post-Closing

Pre-LOI (Letter of Indication): Potential buyer and pre-existing bid evaluation; financial and operational due diligence; marketing materials preparation; auction process planning and support; creation of proforma financial model; buyer evaluation, outreach, communication and management; coordination and support for potential buyer due diligence; LOI evaluation and analysis

Post-LOI and Post-Close: Diligence process management and support; management of virtual data-room; document negotiation and support; ongoing support for achieving earn-out targets (if applicable); other

Focus on Innovation

dvmEvolution did not enter the transition advisory business to do things the way they’ve always been done. We are using technology to drive efficiency in all phases of the transition process, providing better service at a lower cost. Our affiliate, VetValue.pet, has already created a Web-based practice valuation application. This “industry first” provides practice owners with the most accurate and efficient practice valuation, and for a fraction of the cost of other market alternatives. We will continue to utilize technology to further streamline the transition process for the benefit of our clients.